PrivateFlyers specializes in providing exceptional aerial fumigation services. With a skilled team and advanced technology, we ensure efficient and precise application of fumigants to combat pests and protect crops. Our aerial fumigation services offer a wide coverage area, quick turnaround time, and effective results. Trust PrivateFlyers to safeguard your investments and optimize health through our professional aerial fumigation solutions.

Aerial Spray

PrivateFlyers is a trusted provider of top-notch aerial spray services. Our experienced team and advanced equipment ensure precise and efficient application of pesticides, herbicides, and other solutions. With a wide coverage area and quick turnaround time, we effectively target pests, weeds, and diseases, protecting your crops and maximizing their health and yield. Trust PrivateFlyers for superior aerial spray services that safeguard your agricultural investments.


Aerial Photography, Orthophoto & Lidar Mapping

PrivateFlyers excels in providing exceptional aerial photography and mapping services. With the invaluable assistance of our esteemed foreign partner, we possess the capability to offer cutting-edge lidar and orthoimagery services. Our collaborative synergy enables us to deliver precise and comprehensive geospatial data that meets the highest professional standards.  Our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment capture stunning aerial images and create accurate maps for various purposes. From real estate and land surveying to environmental monitoring and infrastructure planning, our aerial photography and mapping services offer detailed and high-resolution data. Trust PrivateFlyers for top-quality aerial photography and mapping solutions that provide valuable insights and aid in informed decision-making.



Banner Towing & leaflet droppings

PrivateFlyers is a premier provider of banner towing and leaflet dropping services. With our skilled pilots and specialized aircraft, we effectively display banners and deliver leaflets for targeted advertising and promotional campaigns. Whether it’s capturing attention at events or reaching a wide audience from the skies, our banner towing and leaflet dropping services offer impactful and cost-effective marketing solutions. Trust PrivateFlyers for successful aerial advertising that elevates your brand visibility.


Search & Rescue

PrivateFlyers is dedicated to offering exceptional search and rescue services. With our experienced team of pilots and advanced equipment, we provide swift and effective response in critical situations. Whether it’s locating missing individuals, conducting aerial reconnaissance, or providing emergency medical assistance, our search and rescue operations are carried out with utmost professionalism and precision. Trust PrivateFlyers for reliable and efficient search and rescue solutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of those in need.


Wildlife/ Waterways Monitoring Census

PrivateFlyers excels in wildlife monitoring and sensors services, playing a vital role in conservation efforts. Our skilled team and advanced technology enable us to track and monitor wildlife populations, collecting essential data for research and conservation purposes. Through the deployment of specialized census, we gather valuable insights into animal behavior and habitat usage. Trust PrivateFlyers for effective wildlife monitoring and census services, contributing to the preservation and protection of our natural environment


Pipelines / Power-line Aerial Surveillance

PrivateFlyers is a trusted provider of pipeline and power-line aerial surveillance services. With our skilled pilots and advanced technology, we conduct comprehensive aerial inspections of pipelines and power lines, ensuring their integrity and identifying potential hazards. Our surveillance operations help detect leaks, damages, or unauthorized activities, enabling timely maintenance and preventing accidents. Trust PrivateFlyers for reliable and efficient pipeline and power-line aerial surveillance, safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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